Classic and Sports Car Sales

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Terms & Conditions inc Warranty:




Due to the age and nature of the vehicles we sell, they are by design and manufacture not engineered to the same standard as a new vehicle.


The majority of vehicles we sell are over 20 years old and unless there is full documentation to prove otherwise, indicated mileages & service history details must never be assumed to be correct.


Unless properly and regularly maintained any vehicle will be susceptible to failure.


Please be aware of the maintenance these vehicles require and be sure you want to own a classic vehicle before purchasing.


ALL vehicles purchased, including those that are bought ‘unseen’ or without viewing/test drive are deemed to have been inspected and approved by the purchaser. All descriptions, whilst as accurate as possible, are subjective and open to interpretation. If you are unsure of anything relating to the condition/documentation or operation of the vehicle, please contact us for clarification before purchase.


It is strongly recommended that purchasers take advantage of our vehicle delivery service which is included at the full vehicle asking price*. Once the purchaser has taken delivery of their classic car, it is also recommended that they familiarise themselves with their vehicle over a series of shorter, gentle journeys in order to understand how their vehicle performs. It is not advisable to put a classic vehicle into heavy everyday use before you are confident that it will perform to your expectations.


All vehicles are mechanically checked before sale and we provide a StudioCarsOfPreston 30 day classic car parts warranty.




It is not possible to inspect every component on the vehicle (some of which, may have been fitted to the vehicle at the time of manufacture) therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any component failure, unless obvious at the time of sale.


For 30 days from the date of purchase, we will cover the cost of any replacement parts required in the event of failure/vehicle breakdown.


Items that are NOT included in the 30 day classic car warranty are:


.Any unseen internal engine component

.Any unseen internal gearbox component

(Clutch spring and friction plates are included but not flywheel)

.Any unseen internal axle/drive train component

.Consumable items

.Air conditioning systems or associated components

.Any area of bodywork or associated fittings

.Any replacement parts required due to accidental/third party damage   .Any associated labour/recovery charges



We will only refund the cost of any replacement parts required upon receipt of an invoice from the repairing garage or, after receiving evidence from the purchaser that the vehicle necessitated replacement parts.


The warranty will be void if the purchaser chooses NOT to use our vehicle delivery service or if it is clear that they have not followed the advise given in the OVERVIEW.




All vehicles must be paid for in full and all payments cleared before ownership is transferred and vehicles removed from our premise.


Any holding deposits laid down on a vehicle are valid for 7 days. Full payment must be made within the 7 day holding period unless prior arrangement has been made for us to hold the vehicle for longer than 7 days.


ALL holding deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.




Any ‘test drives’ will be carried out by StudioCarsOfPreston unless you can provide details of valid insurance to drive any of our vehicles as well as a current valid driving license.


Independent vehicle inspections are welcome but need to be by prior arrangement and are to take place at StudioCarsOfPreston premises and at our convenience. Inspections are to be carried out prior to sale.


StudioCarsOfPreston are not responsible for any damage or injury received to any person whilst visiting our premises/inspecting or test driving our vehicles.


*Our vehicle delivery service is offered free of charge to any address within a 150 mile radius of StudioCarsOfPreston premises unless otherwise agreed at the time of sale. Delivery radius can be extended but may be subject to an additional charge. Free delivery only available on vehicles over £4’000.00 and only when the full asking price is met by the purchaser. This delivery does not extend beyond the UK mainland. Any possible additional costs are not included.